How The Mainstream Media Polarizes The Masses

What is real, what is manufacture, what is propaganda what is truth? Andrew martin talks about how the mass media and the polarized  the society, how society or people have the tendency to behave a certain way or form a strong believes without a fully understanding of the situation, simply through the act of social proofing.

Social proof definition is that it is apsychological phenomenon which influences individuals to reflect the behaviours of groups or other individuals for a given situation. Psychologists refer to social proof as a ‘decision heuristic,’ a shortcut for making decisions.

One of the apparent thing happening right now which proof the influence of the mass media and its impacts on the idea of social proofing described in the article above can be seen in the event of the Paris’s terrorist attack. With the influence of the mass media coverage and other social media, an overlay of a french’s national flag began to appears on people’s social media profiles as a way to show supports. However is it because of social proof which influence our decision to change our profile images? we think we are living in a equal society, then how come we pay less attention to the events that happening in the Middle East or Africa , where score of people die everyday? why don’t we change our profile picture to the national flag of  Nigeria or Iraq or Afghanistan etc?


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