Mapping Body Emotions

I am currently conducting research on feeling and emotion trying to better understand the relationship between memory and emotion and whether this can be artificially represented in a space, Im not sure yet whether this is realistically possible. Im talking about replicating a memory to be felt and experienced by more than just the perceiver. Creating a memory in a room that can be felt and empathised with by a group who have never experienced the event. We all know that films cleverly produce an emotional reaction though music and story. We temporally develop empathy and emotion for a character which is usually resolved allowing us to recognise these as temporary emotions. Again with boxsets or TV series’ we start to understand and empathise with a character through this same story telling effect. We falsely befriend a fictional character however we are able to distinguish the difference between fiction and non- fiction which allows this emotion to be temporary.

Physically capturing these emotions into universal triggers from a specific event that has occurred will not be so easy to replicate in a space. There will have to be an element of instantaneous emotion for this to be effective, however a memory isn’t just a moment its an event which implies story and so replicating this into a physical space is going to be challenging, IF possible.

However before any of this can be experimented with or even implemented research into emotional reactions, perception, memory and nostalgia will be paramount. This article below has been of some use. It concerns the universal recognition of emotion being similar across many nationalities. This is important although we may not feel the exact same emotion from an object we know that universally most emotions are felt in the same way. This is experimented and shown diagrammatically in the following article. Perhaps only a stepping stone into my research the article itself is extremely interesting for those studying the impact of emotions on the body.

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