Bistro In Vitro

This virtual restaurant was set up to get more people involved and thinking about the future possibilities of our meat, promoting a wider dialogue about the future of our meat.

Whilst the meat-foam cocktails, celebrity cubes and gruesome bloody test tube ice cream offer a more imaginative alternative to conventionally grown meat, this concept restaurant does enable a more engaging way for people to consider their opinion on in vitro meat.

Processed meats that resemble products like chicken nuggets, mincemeat and salami could be effectively indistinguishable in appearance, texture and taste, to their counterparts. This may make it more likely for people to try them, helping them get over their initial preconceived thoughts about artificial meat.

On the flipside, creator Koert Mensvoort, suggests that the new technology could carry its own ‘authenticity’ by not necessarily mimicking existing meat products but instead allowing in vitro products to have their own, unique identity.

“A Pig from the Backyard” – living side-by-side with animals without leading to their eventual slaughter. The gruesome reality of having to slaughter an animal to eat its meat is possibly another reason for our severed relationship with the entire meat-production process. This method could get children fully involved in the process from cell extraction right through to consumption, reuniting the long-lost relationship between consumer and animal, reversing the trend of detachment that we see today.

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