3D-Printing Meat on Demand

This small and personal machine could enable us to print our own meat in our own kitchen. But what exactly would be the product?

In vitro meat could be developed to mimic the exact texture and shape of steaks and other fresh cuts of meat as the technology is developed over time to help people switch to this synthetic alternative – but attempting this whilst the technology is still quite primitive could do more damage than good, producing pathetic, fake-looking portions which ultimately put more people off the idea. I think anything that we can print during the early phases should look the same as existing meat products.

Whilst the underlying principal of eating something that hasn’t been ‘naturally’ grown still needs to be addressed, I think the intimacy provided by the kitchen printer and ultimate level of control that people feel they have over the end product may break down the barrier of mistrust about how safe the meat is to eat and exactly how it has been cultivated, since users can see the meat being made.


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