Master/ Mind

Master/Mind by Francesco Paciocco

How do you react to scaremongering against the digital revolution? Do we need positive propaganda? Is it nature to be scared? A fear of the unknown.

Technology Propaganda

Digital brain. Interested in the brain in general. By creating AI are we fundamentally just trying to understand what makes the human mind. The more we try to recreate, the more we understand ourselves. Where do we cross the line? Is it human evolution? Do we not want to leave some mystery? Is a key part of human nature be unpredictable?

There is positive technological advancements. What do we do with cautionary mythology. Do we need new mythology? What do we want to create? Humoids? Enhance human beings? or enhance or standard of living?

Progression or destruction? Where does one end and one begin? Who is setting the boundaries?

Is culture is driving technology? Storage of arts, culture, sharing experiences.

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