3 thoughts on “How We Turned Our Lives Around In 30 Days

  1. Sounds Great! Owen, what 30 new things would you do in 30 days! I might try one a week! hmm. Interesting that he said the path he was given is outdated. Do you think the path Architects have to go down to be charted is outdated?

    1. I think we conform by going to university, by going down the 7 year architectural education path when you don’t need to do build. On the other hand I’ve bought 5 years of time to do what I want to do so maybe 35k of debt is worth it?

      Learn to surf
      Learn to fight
      Be an artist
      Go to a mosque, learn something about islamic culture
      Cook better vegetarian


      1. I think I didn’t know enough about the course outcomes or where offered at a young age other artistic career paths. I’m not sure 5 years of time is worth more than 35k debt.

        Mine are:
        – Make a whole outfit
        – Learn to sing
        – Shave my head/ somebody else’s head
        – Make a desk
        – Do a big painting!


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