Three things/ideas to explore


In this project of exploration, we are asked to find three things/ people/ideas/objects that interest us and research what is behind these three things with the search for connections between them.

On 22/09/15 during the exhibition visit in Design Museum, London, the project/idea of human organs-on-chips, which are designed by Donald Ingber and Dan Dongeun Huh at Harvard University got into my attention. Then,  I was attracted by Odyssey which is about virtual reality and the project- connected by pattern in Somerset House.

Human organs on chips momabanner-825x265

Human Organs-on-Chips
It is fascinating that the chip that created by the designers allows the body cell to live in it and function it as it is in the body. The use of materials- clear flexible polymer allows scientist to observe the changes in the cells under the microscope. How does this relates to architecture? The chip itself acts as a space for the body cell to live in it.


Connected by Pattern
Patternity is a way of seeing. It is a fashion, an art, a design and science. Patternity can be used as a tool to explore, inspire and innovation.


Odyssey, United Realities
Tino Schaedler, the designer wants to create a multi-sensory experience which is impossible to have in reality but presented in a way that feels real with the use of technology. I as a visitor are lucky to have a chance to experience the 90 second trip designated by Tino to explore the space that he created. With the use of VR headset, real elements like wind and vibrations and also spatial sound system, they created a highly emotional experience.

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