Harvests perpetual power from thin air by converting radio signals into free energy. cleanspace-tag-and-app

Designed by the British company called Drayson Technologies, Freevolt can harvest energy from radio waves into small but useful amounts of power for electronic devices such as sensors, wireless device and mobile phones.

Freevolt works by harvesting energy across a wide spectrum of radio bands using its multi-band antenna. The harvested energy then converted to current through the component called rectifier.

I believe this is a fantastic breakthrough in the technology world, a fantastic vision. With the technology advancement, Designer will be able to create a more sophisticated and smaller Freevolt and one day could play a part in  helping reducing the total energy consumption used by all human civilization.


2 thoughts on “Freevolt

    1. The Freevolt is still under development, however the company claim that the device only harvest small amount of power from existing transmission networks such as energy from wireless. broadcast networks 2G, 3G, 4G, wifi and digital TV- and turn these into useful electricity. furthermore according to FreeVolt , the radio frequency being harvest are unused energy thus will not interfering with the others electric applicants.
      In term of form and material’s quality, Freevolt s in the form of small computer chip which can be install on the back of the smart phone. video of the Freevolt can be seen here.

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